HyGie-Tech USA and KD Analytical Announce Partnership

HyGie-Tech USA and KD Analytical Announce Partnership to Introduce HG_Flow Simulation and Modeling Software to US Critical Infrastructure and Bio-Chem Research Markets.


HyGie-Tech USA and KD Analytical Announce Partnership to Introduce HG_Flow Simulation and Modeling Software to US Critical Infrastructure and Bio-Chem Research Markets

Albany, New York USA – November 28, 2011 – HyGie-Tech USA and KD Analytical Consulting, Inc. have agreed to enter into an exclusive partnership to introduce HG_Flow, a new high performance, risk oriented Computational Fluid Dynamics (roCFD) modeling and simulations software system designed for preparedness and response planning to protect critical infrastructure against the threat of airborne contamination.

“HG_Flow is an exciting, innovative approach used for predicting problems associated with airborne and cross contamination. With this partnership we will be able to rapidly expand our market base”, said HyGie-Tech USA CEO Bob Domenici.

HG_Flow technology is part of a proactive model for evaluating risks associated with the threat of airborne contamination. This method has evolved into a risk oriented CFD, or roCFD model for analyzing airflow and the movement of hazardous agents through a given facility. The assessment and simulation capabilities of the software provide the ability to determine the potential for contamination and to devise the appropriate response, planning and mitigation strategies for a given scenario.

Together, HyGie-Tech and KD Analytical will deliver the expertise and technological capabilities required to provide defense, homeland security, manufacturing and research communities with the ability to address risk with a focus on providing rapid and unambiguous assessment of airborne threats. With its proprietary methods and unique capabilities, this innovative roCFD solution will provide improved protection and readiness with a level of speed and accuracy other programs cannot match.

In addition to its rapid calculation and processing times, HG_Flow provides highly accurate simulations that quantify where specific types of airborne contaminants will travel, land and accumulate if present in the facility. HG_Flow software can also access a complete database of potentially harmful agents defined by their specific characteristics, which allows the system to determine where contaminants will accumulate at lethal or toxic levels based on pre-determined limits.  The combination of HyGie-Tech, HG_Flow’s unique capabilities and KD Analytical’s technical strengths establishes a highly effective team with the ability to offer a complete risk management solution that delivers proactive protection for critical infrastructure and other at-risk facilities.

As a result, US defense installations, critical mission facilities, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other critical infrastructure customers will now have access to effective and innovative roCFD solutions that maximize facility viability while protecting personnel, infrastructure and equipment.

About HyGie Tech USA
HyGie-Tech USA is a simulation software and services company using its HG_Flow technology, a high performance, risk oriented CFD (roCFD) modeling and predictive system for preparedness, protection and response planning against the threat of airborne contamination for pharmaceutical manufacturing, critical infrastructure protection, biochemical laboratories, healthcare and cleanroom applications.
About KD Analytical

KD Analytical is a CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) building protection and instrument support company that serves the critical mission facility, homeland defense, first-responder and environmental monitoring communities with its ReadiTrak™ Asset Readiness Management software, risk-based Threat and Vulnerability Protection Assessments (TVPAs), integrated CBRNE detection and building protection systems comprehensive systems design, application, optimization and repair services. KD Analytical is a provider of CBRNE related Subject Matter Expertise (SME), technical support, and integrated training, all backed by an extensive quality program, ISO 9001:2008 compliance and certification by multiple original equipment manufacturers.


Alan M. Evans
Director of Marketing
HyGie-Tech USA, Inc.
125 Wolf Road, Suite 503-13
Albany, NY 12205 USA
Ph: (518) 487-4711

Ian Schaefer
Director of Marketing
KD Analytical, Inc.
4460 Linglestown Road
Harrisburg, PA 17112
Ph: (866) 308-7102
Twitter @KDAnalytical


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