KD Analytical assists Puget Sound Clean Air Agency in evaluation of portable GC/MS

In June 2011, KD Analytical consulted with the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) in a field demonstration of a portable Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) unit for air analysis. The main purpose of the sample collection and analysis was to demonstrate the technology for VOC speciation for air surveys.

PSCAA initially contacted KD Analytical for a short-term rental of a portable GC/MS instrument, but due to the short duration and nature of the project the company was also hired to demonstrate the use of the instrument and provide on-site analysis. KD provided the portable GC/MS (Inficon HAPSITE) and an instrument operator-analyst who performed sampling, analysis, and data interpretation. Emission profile ‘snapshots’ were taken from three solid waste handling facilities in western Washington.

Work was conducted under an interagency agreement and partnership between the State of Washington Department of Ecology and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to improve understanding of emissions from solid waste facilities through the use of a mobile GC/MS.

This final report, released in January 2012, contains details of the solid waste processing sites, sampling events, analytical results, and recommendations for the value and reliability of this technology.

Download the full report >>

Note: The report does not represent an endorsement by PSCAA of any equipment or manufacturer.

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