ReadiTrak™ Intro Video Screenshot

Introduction to ReadiTrak™ [Video]

ReadiTrak™ Has Your Back

Maintenance and repair management, technical support, and knowledge in a single platform designed specifically for the CBRNE and HazMat response community.

When readiness matters most, you need complete confidence in your equipment and your responders.

But managing and maintaining equipment and responder readiness should be easier than it is today.

  • How do you keep track of which equipment is ready to go, requires calibration, or needs a repair?
  • How do you manage equipment warranties and service contracts with numerous manufacturers and vendors?
  • Where do you store technical documentation and manuals, and how do your responders access that information?
  • How can your responders refresh their technical skills at any time without having to sacrifice shift hours to attend a training course?

The answer is ReadiTrak™.

With ReadiTrak™, Managing CBRNE Equipment Just Got Easier.

ReadiTrak™ is maintenance management, technical support, and knowledge in a single web application designed specifically for the CBRNE and HazMat responder community.

After more than a decade of solving technical issues for some of the nation’s largest responder organizations, we have it down to a science. When it came to managing equipment maintenance for thousands of devices and users, we needed something awesome—so we built ReadiTrak™. And there’s nothing else like it.

ReadiTrak™ is a Web-based instrument maintenance manager that helps track and support all of your equipment in one easy-to-use interface. It’s your go-to place for technical support, repairs, and the information and training materials you need to keep equipment in peak operating condition.

ReadiTrak connects responders, manufacturers, resellers and service centers with a total sustainment solution that improves readiness.

Integrated, simple, helpful. Whether you manage 10 pieces of equipment or 1000, ReadiTrak™ can make your life easier.

When Readiness is not an Option, ReadiTrak™ has your back.

Watch the next video in this series, ReadiTrak™ Features.

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