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ReadiTrak™ Features [Video]

ReadiTrak™ is a robust, easy-to-use application for managing maintenance, repair and readiness of CBRNE responder equipment. In this video, we introduce its key features, including, customizable dashboards, equipment management, trouble tickets, preventative maintenance, and built-in equipment knowledge base.


The heart of ReadiTrak is it easy-to-use dashboard.

It’s your hub for all instrument maintenance, management, and training—and it’s completely customizable for every user in your organization. With just a few clicks, you can create a personalized view that shows only the information you need to do your job.

Add whatever you need: Equipment status and scheduled maintenance, active trouble tickets and support requests, and important bookmarks from the ReadiTrak Knowledge Base.


Managing Equipment in ReadiTrak is powerful yet simple.

Each equipment record clearly displays actionable information such as readiness status, location, and open trouble tickets—as well as alerts for scheduled maintenance. There’s also a shortcut the ReadiTrak Knowledge Base, where you’ll find indispensable technical information and frequently asked questions for this specific type of equipment.

Of course, you can dig much deeper into detailed equipment information including its assigned users, trouble ticket history, maintenance and calibration records and much more. With ReadiTrak, you can easily see what equipment is ready, where it is, what maintenance may be required, and who is responsible for it.


In ReadiTrak, trouble tickets are a convenient mechanism to track and manage equipment problems and technical support requests. You can initiate a trouble ticket from the ReadiTrak dashboard or from any equipment record.

Whether your organization supports its own equipment or works with a third party service center or manufacturer, trouble tickets enable communication between your users, managers and subject matter experts to get your equipment back up and running. ReadiTrak Trouble tickets provide up-to-the-minute status of the issue as well as detailed records of the progress from initial problem to final solution.

Activity history, part utilization and resolution and root cause information. It’s all there.


Your readiness depends on equipment that is well maintained and can be relied upon to perform 100% in the field. That’s why Readitrak provides robust tools for the scheduling, notification, and performance of preventative maintenance procedures.

Dashboard alerts show you when maintenance is due—or overdue—And no matter who performs the maintenance, Readitrak will guide the user through each step of the procedure with consistent, automated forms that can be customized to reflect your organization’s standard operating procedures. Whether it’s routine maintenance checks, calibrations or the replacement of consumables, ReadiTrak will help you stay on track—keeping your equipment in top shape.

No more paper forms or spreadsheets, and no more double entry.


When you have questions about your equipment, The ReadiTrak Knowledge Base is the place to start.

The knowledge base is a large and growing library of CBRNE & HazMat technologies, procedures, and maintenance information developed specifically for the responder community. It’s designed to help you solve common equipment problems as quickly as possible.

Access thousands of indispensable articles including frequently asked questions, equipment manuals, standard operating procedures, how-to videos, training courses, downloadable resources, and more. Knowledge Base training courses let your team polish their skills and empower them to solve many common problems on their own—saving both time and money while improving your readiness.

With ReadiTrak, Knowledge really is power.

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