The CBRNE ‘Movie’ Poster

Last summer, as we prepared to open our National Capital Region office, our sales, marketing and operations teams spent a lot of time and energy poring over paint colors, flooring samples, furniture catalogs, signage options and, last but not least, artwork for the walls. As you might expect, we wanted to go with a Washington, DC theme—bold, Federal style building scenes—the things we proudly help to protect. Here’s a peek.

I think the office turned out great!

But there was one minor complication. Many of our offices have windows facing onto a corridor, but one such office needed to be a bit more private. Of course, that window had peculiar dimensions, so we had to do something custom to cover it. I cooked up the idea of creating a sort of movie poster to hang on the inside of that office, facing out into the corridor. At the top of the article, you see the poster as it is installed. Below is the graphic itself. Feel free to download it.

The CBRNE 'Movie' Poster
The CBRNE ‘Movie’ Poster

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